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Animals are being Hunted, Used as Trophies, Sport Competitions, Pharmaceutical Testing, Slaughtered for Medicinal Use, Ivory, Skins, Meat, you name it !!

Not long before they are extinct. Their extinction will lead to our Demise !!

Endangered African Rhino

Endangered Rhino

Ruthlessly Poached for its Horn. In Africa we are currently seeing the methodical and calculated reduction of rhino numbers in their natural habitat. The number of poached numbers has been escalating year-on-year over the past 5 years. It is true that we have experienced severe poaching pressure before, and defeated it. However today, because of the insanely inflated price being paid for rhino horn, the poachers are now employing a diversity of methods which no longer fall within the traditional poaching mould. Banked-rolled by substantial finances, the modern day poacher can now afford the latest technology and buy the services of skilled people and influential officials. For conservation, this becomes a big challenge whilst at the same time an opportunity. The challenge is to find lasting solutions to the problem which will secure the future of rhinos. The public can also be a part of this and therefore it is an ideal opportunity for every South African to become involved in conservation and the preservation of their heritage.

Endangered African Elephant

Endangered Elephant

Elephant Coast (ECO) is a registered Non-Profit in Mozambique and providing counter-poaching support to the Greater Lebombo Conservancy (GLC) in southern Mozambique in order to disrupt and deter high level poaching syndicates crossing from Mozambique into Kruger National Park’s Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ) to kill rhinos, lions, elephants and other iconic species. By focussing our attention on the protection of the critically threatened rhinos this creates an umbrella effect in deterring all other poaching activities in our sphere of operations.

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